B&B De Kleine Kolonel lies at the foot of the “Koningsbelten” and the “Haarlerberg”, both important hills within Nationaal Park de Sallandse Heuvelrug. Our neighbours are a herd of water buffalo who graze the wild meadows of the Dutch National Forest Preserve year-round. The surrounding fields are used to grow corn or grass. In summer the National Park harvests old traditional crops like barley and oats. Beautiful blue corn flowers can be found in abundance in these fields. In January members of the Royal Hunting Society ride by for the traditional horse and hound steeple chase. We offer you the oppertunity to explore the national park by horse and carriage. Every season brings surprises.

There is wildlife in abundance. Deer roam our neighbourhood every day, while fox and badger appear at night. All year round we see hawks around the house looking for a meal. Apart from the many sparrows and titmice, we regularly see woodpeckers, finches, nuthatches, fieldfares, swallows and jays. In spring the summer birds arrive and the cuckoo calls out loud. Our garden is surrounded by a fence to stop the deer from munching our flower garden. A bee-keeper has several hives in corner of our garden, so we are able to offer you home made honey.

Country life makes you more aware of the different seasons, each with their own distinct charm. Each year, we look forward to the uniqueness of each season, as spring, summer, autumn and winter each bring their own special happenings. In addition you will see the night in full glory. When the sky is clear, witnessing the star studded sky is magical. A full moon gives sufficient light for a very romantic evening walk. When the sky is overcast, you will experience true darkness, the way nature intended it to be. We deliberately have no outdoor lighting so you can experience these events in full. Flash lights are available though.

Our dirt road, “de Oude Deventerweg” is the border between the National Park and the neighbouring farms. This road is part of many official hiking and cycling routes – see links page. Our village offers various bikes for rent (regular, electric and mountain bikes), in addition we offer a variety of local maps to assist you in your planning.

Provincie Overijssel www.overijssel.nl
Gemeente Hellendoorn www.hellendoorn.nl
Dorp Haarle www.haarle.com
VVV Hellendoorn www.vvvhellendoorn.nl
VVV Nijverdal www.vvvnijverdal.nl
VVV Holten www.vvvholten.nl
VVV Hof van Twente www.vvvhofvantwente.nl
VVV Vechtdal www.vvvvechtdal.nl
VVV Ommen www.vvvommen.nl
VVV Zwolle www.vvvzwolle.nl
VVV Deventer www.vvvdeventer.nl
Beeld van Overijssel www.beeldvanoverijssel.nl
Info Salland www.sallandnatuurlijkgastvrij.nl
Info Twente www.twentejezelf.nl
Evenementen www.vvvhellendoorn.nl
Musea in Overijssel www.overijssel.nl
Kastelen in Overijssel www.kasteleninoverijssel.nl
Weer in Nijverdal www.weerstationnijverdal.nl
Kasteel Twickel www.twickel.nl
Museum Holterberg www.museumholterberg.nl
Memorymuseum www.memorymuseum.nl
Bakkerij- en IJsmuseum www.bakkerij-ijsmuseum.nl
Oald Heldern www.oaldheldern.nl
Museum De Fundatie www.museumdefundatie.nl
Molen de Hoop www.molendehoop.nl
Sprengenberg www.sprengenberg.nl
Werkkamp Twilhaar www.werkkamptwilhaar.nl
Fietsen.123.nl www.fietsen.123.nl
knooppuntenkaart www.fietsen.123.nl
fietsersbond www.fietsersbond.nl
ANWB fietsen www.anwb.nl
Twente route www.twenteroute.nl
Fietsroutes www.fietsenwandelweb.nl
Mountainbike routes www.mtbroutes.nl
Hoog Holten www.hoogholten.nl 0548-361306
de Swarte Ruijter www.swarteruijter.nl 0548-596660
de Kruidentuin www.dekruidentuin.nl 0572-351238
de Bagatelle www.bagatelle.nl 0572-358484
Hotel de Uitkijk www.landgoeddeuitkijk.nl 0548-654117

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