B&B De Kleine Kolonel is situated on a 2km dirt road between the N35 Zwolle-Almelo and the National Park Information Centre “de Pas” near the village of Haarle. Leave the N35 at the traffic lights ‘HAARLE’, but turn immediately onto the parallel cycle path along the N35 in the direction Nijverdal. Follow this parallel lane for 800 meters and turn right into the woods. Our road “De Oude Deventerweg” is part of many walking and cycling tours, the road is officially closed to all motorised traffic, but as a guest of the B&B De Kleine Kolonel you are permitted to drive to our house. After about 1km you will reach entrance number 7 – turn in the drive and park by the B&B.


From Amsterdam, the Hague

From Amsterdam/Schiphol Airport/The Hague/Rotterdam – 1hr40mins:

(From Belgium & France drive via Eindhoven to Deventer on Motorway A50 and continue on Motorway A1) see below after Deventer…..:

  • Take the Motorway to Amersfoort, and on to Motorway A1.
  • Follow Motorway A1 to Apeldoorn, drive past Apeldoorn & Deventer
  • After Deventer take Exit 26 = N332 towards Holten (left turn)
  • On N332 after 2km – go straight ahead on the round-about
  • On N332 after 6km pass straight across round-about Nieuw Heeten
  • On N332 after 2km – turn right Haarle – indicated on ANWB roadsign
  • This road is called = Poggebeltweg
  • On Poggebeltweg after 1km – straight ahead on the round-about
  • Stay on Poggebeltweg for 5km until you reach the village of Haarle
  • In Haarle – at crossing near SPAR supermarket – straight ahead
  • Pass Hotel Haarlerberg to T-junction Molenweg.
  • At T-junction = Turn Right and leave the village of Haarle again.
  • After 600m you arrive at a forest entrance, turn Left on to this dirt road
  • This is the Oude Deventerweg – follow this track for 100 meters
  • After 100m, turn left into smaller dirt road = Oude Deventerweg (again)
  • Cars are not permitted on this smaller track, but you may pass this sign and continue for another 1 KM.
  • Follow this track for 1km, ignoring 2x farm tracks on your right
  • After an open field, you will see the entrance to no.7 – Turn Right
  • Follow the drive to the Kleine Kolonel

From Zwolle & the North

  • Take Motorway A28 – direction Zwolle
  • Take Exit 20 – direction Zwolle Noord/Almelo = road N35
  • Turn onto road N35 direction Almelo
  • Ring road around Zwolle has several traffic lights
  • Stay on N35 for exactly 29km in direction Almelo
  • Pass Heino, Raalte and Marienheem
  • Pass Haarle after 28 km on N35
  • At N35 (29km) TRAFFIC LIGHTS: TURN RIGHT and IMMEDIATELY LEFT on to small parallel lane – careful cyclists, pass sign National Park Sallandse Heuvelrug.
  • Turn first road to right at 30 km road sign into Oude Deventerweg.
  • Follow dirt road for 1 KM, pass No Entry sign, as a guest you are welcome
  • Turn Left in to our drive Oude Deventerweg 7.

From Almelo & Germany

  • From Enschede / Oldenzaal / Hengelo
  • Follow Motorway A35 – direction Almelo and Nijverdal
  • Pass Almelo: Motorway A35 changes into provincial highway N35
  • Follow N35 to Nijverdal and pass through tunnel under Nijverdal.
  • After Nijverdal the N35 climbs over the “Sallandse Heuvelrug”.
  • Pass through woods, to Traffic Lights at 29KM HAARLE – turn Left and…….
  • Turn immediately LEFT again onto parallel road, back track 1 KM to
  • “Oude Deventerweg”, Turn Right on to dirt road.
  • On “Oude Deventerweg” pass “No Entry” sign, as a guest you are welcome
  • Follow the road for 1 km, turn Left in to our drive Oude Deventerweg 7

By Public Transport

If you travel by Public Transport, our nearest railway station is Nijverdal on the railway from Zwolle to Almelo. This station is just a few minutes away by car from B&B De Kleine Kolonel. If you inform us of your arrival time, we will be happy to pick you up at railway station Nijverdal. Trains run every 30 minutes.

Local BUS 513: There is a local community bus (no. 513) which operates Monday – Friday from the railway stations at Raalte and Nijverdal to our local stop KRUISHAARWEG. Please ask the driver to stop at KRUISHAARWEG (stops on request). Walk along this road to a farm house ahead of you and turn right at the fence and follow the grassy foot path along trees to our home. (ask directions if lost). Distance 1KM.

TRAIN: from Amsterdam Airport, Belgium/France, Frankfurt, The Hague & Rotterdam: Take any train to Zwolle, and change to the local train to Nijverdal. Our railway station is the 3rd stop from Zwolle and the train runs every 30 minutes.

TRAIN: from Berlin, Hamburg, Enschede, Hengelo, Almelo: Take any train to Almelo and change to a local train to Nijverdal station. The local train runs every 30 minutes.

PLEASE NOTE: There are only a few taxis in our part of the world. If you need a taxi please call Taxi Hellendoorn: +31.(0)6-20539460