From early March we observe how nature awakens to a new spring. Following the early snowdrops, more and more bulbs raise their heads above the ground. Daffodils are followed by crocus and forsythia. By late March & early April shrubs set flower or show their first green leaves. In April the entire province of Overijssel turns white, as the apple orchards and especially the Canadian wild-plum burst into flower. This period is a short but highly spectacular moment of the year. Please call us to check progress, as the weather largely determines this most spectacular blooming season. The birds have started building nests and all day you will hear an orchestra of chirping birds. In May, the fruit trees are followed by flowering shrubs and thorns, while fresh green is seen everywhere. The cuckoo calls in the forest around our house. Early morning and late evening, deer graze the neighbouring fields. Sometimes one even gets into our garden.